(AKA Hooty, JUEY)

Judy is a native of Kansas, but comes to the Boomers from Oklahoma City. Judy is the lead vocalist as well as a great entertainer. With her wireless capabilities, she is a fan favorite with her personal appeal to the individual audience members. Her experience includes recording professionally in Nashville TN, winning the True Value Country Showdown and performing in local bands for the last 30 years.

(AKA Crazy Duck, Jedi Master of the Stratocaster, The Beast, The Coolness)

At age six wanted a Roy Rogers wind-up plastic guitar and got a real half size one instead, so had to actually learn to play. First real gig was at 13 at the battle of the bands at the Cotillion where he almost had to change his whitey titeys when he saw the 1,000 plus crowd. Over the years ( and there are a few) he has played in a wide variety of bands and types of music, but has come back to his first love good ole classic rock and roll. LD plays a Stratocaster, a Telecaster and a Les Paul Special through a Fender amp, as well as a Roland GR30 guitar synth to round out the big sound of the Boomers. Besides the Boomers he also plays in one of the Ascension Lutheran praise bands. He is married to his wonder wife and drummer Joni and has two great kids. He may also be part of the witless protection program with Tom.

(AKA “John”, “Dewey”, “Stewart”, “The Third”, “Ol’ Three Eyes”)

Played locally over the years in bands Tumbleweed, Windfall, Alias, Sitting
Ducks, Dusty Rose, and Full House.
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite Stooge: Curly
Favorite black hole: *Sagittarius* A*
The Boomers are into high fidelity at lower volume levels, so I play a Fender Jazz Bass through a Gallien-Krueger MB150 combo with the 112MBX extension cabinet. It's my "Goldilocks" rig - "just right"!

(AKA Joni T Marvelous, Boom Boom and The Toe)

Joni started playing with her dad at home in a family jam night at about 8. She could not play drums in school so choose the Tuba! After she graduated she got herself a drum set and started taking lessons. She would like to thank Steve for the lessons and for introducing her to the most wonderful man her husband LD! She thinks maybe LD was in the witless protection program with Tom at one point, but of course they do not speak of such times. Joni has played in local bands for the last 25 years and enjoys almost all types of music. Joni uses a standard 5 piece Tama Swingstar drum set with Paiste and Zildjan cymbals.